CutoverCamCameraThe CutoverCam hauler vision system is designed to improve the safety and productivity of steep-terrain harvesting operations.

The CutoverCam was developed by FFR as part of its Steep Slope Harvesting Programme. The design was licensed to Cutover Systems Limited and taken to market in 2014.

Breaking-out is one of the most dangerous logging activities, particularly when the breaker-outs (choker setters) are not visible from the hauler.

The CutoverCam uses digital camera technology to stream video of ground operations to the hauler operator. The hauler operator can pan, tilt and zoom the camera remotely to gain a clear view of ground operations on a screen mounted in the cab. This gives the hauler operator a “spotter’s view” of the cutover. This not only improves safety for breaker-outs, it also assists hauler productivity.

The CutoverCam can be used to provide the hauler operator with a view of the breakout zone in grapple-yarding operations.

Key features of the CutoverCam are joystick control of pan, tilt and optical zoom and an on-screen warning that alerts the hauler operator if the live video stream is interrupted.

CutoverCam_factsheetDownload CutoverCam Factsheet

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