breakerouts_320x200monitor camera_front

The CutoverCam has been designed to improve visibility for the yarder operator in cable-logging operations. It can be used in choker operations or when grapple-yarding. Benefits include:

Increased harvesting productivity

  • Improved longevity of ropes, chokers and haulers by avoidance of hang-ups
  • Reduced cycle times due to the avoidance of hang-ups and easier positioning of the rigging or grapple
  • Reduced stem breakage due to dig-ins
  • Reduces or eliminates the role of the spotter when using a grapple

Improved safety camera_front

  • Provides a visual check of the locations of the breaker-outs
  • The operator can see if a problem is occurring at breakout and take immediate action

Greater job satisfaction for the hauler operator

  • Clear visibility of the break-out zone allows greater engagement between the hauler operator and the breaker-outs

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